Two essential aspects of the game My Story!

Are you using the android version in mobile phones and looking for the maximum fun with your android mobile then it is better to download some good games which you love to play. If you like to play some story games later get the My Story game to get the best of entertainment in the home. The game is released by the Nano bit at the both of the popular platforms like Google and ios. The game is filled with fun and adventure, and you will never regret after downloading the game into mobile phones. You can also download the My Story cheats to know deep things about the game quickly.

In this article, we are going to show the basics of the game, which is quite easy to understand. Read all the points to play them smartly.

Why should we log in?

Before the starting of any game this day you need to login first. Every game needs to be login to get all the benefits at the early stages of the game. If you avoid login, then it may harm your progress in the game which is not a good thing at all for you. Use your any email or Facebook ID to play the game with all its necessities.

My Story also needs to be login, the Story of the game requires regular updates, and all this process can only be possible through the login process.

Use the internet help

To play My Story game, you need to be smart by using internet help. There are many useful websites which show the necessary support to understand the game smartly, and you also use internet websites to download My Story Cheats.